FBI Agents- WWWJEHD? What Would Jay Edgar Hoover Do?

In 2004, the FBI Director Chris Swecker put out a public statement about mortgage fraud (4 years before the largest market crash in history)- ‘We think we can prevent a problem that could have as much impact as the S&L crisis,’  the S&L crisis noted was a drop in the bucket compared to the outright mortgage fraud that occurred in the early 2000’s.  It must have felt emasculating seeing these terrible actions occur, on American soil, and have no justice served.  Our federal agents (of which my godfather/ uncle is a retired agent) were forced to report this wrongdoing up the chain of command, only to discover that no one up top had the gumption to stop it.  

What information is the FBI passing up the chain of command nowadays that is also not being acted upon?  What would the former director, Jay Edgar Hoover do in modern times?  Would he sit back and allow corruption to rot the nation he is meant to serve, or would he take action?

In 2024, there will be a mass movement of Citizens taking City offices, State Houses, Congressional seats, Senate Seats, The White House and the Cabinet.  My Federal brethren, which Office do you want in 10 years time?  How much corruption can you unfold in a decade, especially with your brethren on board, and a mass movement supporting you?

What Would Jay Edgar Hoover Do?  

Thought form:

What if, there were a pool of people who were not happy with the cozy relationship between government and business?  What if this pool of people also shared a disdain for the death that occurs in foreign countries using the tools developed by a large portion of our tax dollars?  Could we deduce then, that it is our obligation not to pay taxes, to this regime that is contrary to basic human goodness?

1) American Student Loans are collected by government agents, the IRS.  So if one person were to feel it their duty to default on these loans, as the companies who hold them have failed and no longer exist, they would have the IRS collect this debt from them.  It seems odd in a nation that claims to be capitalist, but it is truth at the moment. 

I am not saying to ‘do this,’ I am only hypothesizing for the moment.  What if a group of people decided to obtain jobs (or switch their current employment to this status) that are either 1099 (meaning self-employed) or in the cash economy?  What if these people then decided not to file their tax returns, ever?  These people would not be saying, ‘I don’t pay taxes,’ as that thesis could land them in jail.  Instead they are saying, we are committing a misdemeanor by not filing, one in which we as a group are willing to commit?

The consequences of this unwritten statement would be to open oneself up to potential IRS audits.  The IRS would come down on those publicizing this way for sure, and there would be a sure percentage of this group who would be audited, would be forced to pay back taxes plus penalties, and would end with a misdemeanor on their record.

There is no way that 100% of these people would be audited, especially since those with a risk appetite high enough to do so, probably have few actual assets and low earnings.  So in this case, could the small percentage group that was audited and suffered the consequences of their actions, turn to raise money for paying their fines, back taxes, and penalities to the IRS?  Could they, represent themselves in a court of law, so as to not incur any legal expenses, and have the intention of 1) remaining silent, 2) pleading guilty, then 3) immediately crowdfunding the money from a sympathetic audience, so as to not have any actual monetary consequences bared by any individual, instead have them spread out and handled by the collective.

Would a wealthy and sympathetic audience support such actions?  Are there patriots out there who think that the current system is too off kilter, that it may need more internal pressure to change?  Could these collective actions bear any fruit?
I do not have such answers, I only pose the question to an intelligent audience, disenfranchised by the current way.  

Dodging taxes is far easier if one has the resources.  Is this sustainable?


Dodging taxes is far easier if one has the resources.  Is this sustainable?

Email to my father
Hey Dad,
I know you are working a lot, and I feel that as my father I owe it to you to explain a new transition in my spiritual development.  Above is a basic video about Western consumer habits, its not meant to mock your intelligence, but it breaks down the problems with our system in every step of the way.  If we do not break our consumption habits, we will never be free.
When I was volunteering in LA back in 2004, I knew my life’s path.  The Catholic Worker, who hold a headstrong belief in Christian Anarchy, (a belief that I share in my core) truly live the words of Jesus; house the homeless, feed the hungry, take care of the sick.  I am feeling pulled to start a squat for the homeless, creating a community of nonviolent activists that actively challenge housing laws in NYC.  We will use live stream cameras to highlight the abuse we are going to endure at the hands of the status quo (NYPD in particular, many of my fellow activists are black males who are very likely to get their ass kicked, and my personality lends itself to such a reaction as well) and our social media presence to highlight these issues. Shedding 'little brother' light on this problem is the only way to disinfect the disease.  It is my responsibility to nonviolently break laws that are unjust, to highlight the falseness of this system.  1 in 7 homes are empty in this nation right now due to the failures of our economic system; it’s time for the white blood cells to clean up what the cancer created.
If you feel that this work is a negative reflection of you, then think to yourself what social norms would ever consider housing the homeless as a negative reflection on one’s parents?  Are those social norms formed by God?  If not, should they hold any bearing on your decision making?  Is everything that our society stands for (our overeating, over consuming, ultra wastefulness of the minimal resources of the Earth, our celebration of ego and greed, our killing of innocent people in unjust wars) things that are destined to be stopped?  I believe they are.
I love you very much, and want to honor you, but please know that my path is connected to something deeper than filial piety.  I hope that you can articulate this in a way to the family that will preserve our relationships, as only you can deliver that message properly.  Feel free to reach out to me whenever you feel inclined.
Love and Light,

LSD and Occupy Wall Street

It began on October 7th, a buddy of mine and I decided to trip on acid (I know, I am 30 years old, why would that ever sound like a good idea?)  I had been down to Zuccotti Park many times over the previous two weeks, but honestly just to make fun of people. My buddies and I even tried to draw attention to our startup team using OWS as a front. Tripping in the city is funny, and we naturally traveled down to Occupy to see the human carnival through our kaleidoscope eyes.  

If you missed the 60 days of unfettered occupation, you missed a funny, beautiful, dirty, amalgamation of humanity.  There were legitimate homeless people sprinkled in with articulate college grads and Jedi looking bearded travelers.  The library grew week after week, and the occupy kitchen served more meals during its tenure than all soup kitchens in NYC combined.  The greatest piece of the movement to me was the honest deliberation on all subjects: civic duty, broken social structures, peak everything, the unsustainability of our lifestyle, the bondage of student loan debt, unemployment for civilians and wartime vets, and corporatocracy; it felt like an ancient Greek amphitheater.  

The FBI’s NY office sat a few flights up in the adjoining building from Liberty Plaza, and the CIA was created in a closed door meeting across the street; the movement could not have chosen a more opportune spot to question the status quo.  Many (not so undercover) agents would strike up conversation or attempt to rile up the crowd, as tourists passed by and Occupiers continued their acts.  The effectiveness of humor was never lost, and the passers by that decided to put down their cameras and strike up a conversation always left with at least a new perspective. Improvisation was the skill du jour.  

Having obtained my Masters in Finance during the financial collapse, I had a keen interest in many of the issues the occupiers complained of.  I knew that Goldman Sachs had been given 100 cents on the dollar on the defaulted Credit Default Swaps they had on AIG (the typical recovery rate for a defaulted CDS is 40 cents on the dollar; tax payers picked up the rest of the tab).  I knew that the Federal Reserve gave out 7.7 trillion dollars in loans and guarantees to banks from the day of Lehman’s collapse to early March of 2009, resulting in $15 billion in profits to the failure banks.  I saw companies like MF Global ran into the ground (and off with clients money) as my generation was stuck with record student loans they could not bankrupt themselves out of (due to the influential banking lobby that enjoys risk free loans.)  I would strike up conversations with passing bankers about the economist Frederich Hayek’s "The Use of Knowledge in Society" and the true definition of capitalism; arguing how ‘free market’ companies are not ‘insured’ by the US tax payer and every investment bank should be out of business right now while touching upon the most logical definition of our system- oligarchy.  

It still took a day of LSD to really break down my biases and give credence to those dirty little occupiers.  LSD limits the prefrontal cortex’s social inhibitions, allowing an individual the chance to take in information without bias; Steve Jobs equated it as one of the three most influential things he did in his life.  I dropped acid every Saturday until they shut down the park on November 15th; now I couldn’t love my fellow occupiers more if I tried.  They pay close attention to the world around them by questioning our false truisms and critically thinking about our crumbling social institutions.  Most of all, they cherish deliberation and encourage people to empower themselves to make change.  Maybe all of America could benefit from a hit of acid or two? 

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21st Century Revolutionary Rule 1: Purposely Default on your Student Loans

I know, it sounds crazy, we’ve been told our whole life to have great credit (mine was not great, 610 until this month), or else your life will be terrible.  Credit is required to purchase major assets that one might not have enough cash to fund themselves.  I live in Brooklyn, so I do not need a car, nor do I see the long term viability of owning one,(peak everything, including oil is going to seriously disrupt our car culture.)  I feel that the housing market is still extremely overvalued, so I am in no rush to own one.  But more importantly, the story of how student loans became exempt from bankruptcy protection made me sick.  

The fun part is when they call to collect.  

"Mr. Connors, you do realize that if you do not pay your student loans this month your credit will be negatively affected."

"I do"

"Well how much will you be paying today sir?"

"I apologize, but I will not be paying my student loans back, even if I make $1 million, until Congress restates our rights to bankruptcy protection for Student Loans."

"Mr. Connors, I cannot teach you to have a conscience."

"Ma’am, with all due respect, you work for Citigroup, so your perspective on conscience is a little skewed.  The banking lobby in the 1980’s approached Congress with the argument that since they cannot repossess college educated American’s brains, they should exempt student loans from bankruptcy protection.  Since that time, the cost of higher education has grown 8% compounded year over year, since colleges were flooded with risk free liquidity, more than any asset class on Earth.  This is an unsustainable mathematical equation, so I am willing to destroy my personal credit with the expressed intention of lowering Citibank Student Loan’s equity value."

"This is proposterous… how can you????"

(uninhibited laughter)

"Mr. Connors!!!!"

(More Laughter)

"Well sir…"

(more laughter)

The loan officer hangs up the phone….

If you are a W2 worker, the US government can sanction your wages, so I would not recommend this strategy.  If you are self employed and have a high risk appetite, I encourage you to join me in giving the gift of defaulted loans to Sallie Mae, Citibank, and other student loan issuing institutions.  Merry Christmas student loan corporations!

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Grant Ham




Still wondering what Occupy Wall Street is protesting? The common thread is institutional inequality. Here are some infographics. (Images via.)

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But don’t mistake the unemployed for deabeats either.

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Create your own verse for Bruce Springsteen’s wonderful protest song, “Born in the USA.”  

Bought a House that is not worth much

Paying for school; there’s never enough

Want to start a business in this land

But the rules are written for the Banking Man.

"Born in the USA… I was, Born in the USA now. 

Born in the USA, I was born in the USA…”

Legal rules are twisted and fake

They only benefit those with Cake…

They aren’t what our forefather’s said they’d be

It’s time to say, “these aren’t for me”

"Born in the USA… I was, Born in the USA now. 

Born in the USA, I was born in the USA…”